Gold Reserve

One of the ways to provide the company with qualified staff is to create a pool of successors. The pool of successors is a special group of employees with knowledge, skills, experience, and most significantly, the potential for growth and development.

Systematic Approach

In 2020, NAC Kazatomprom JSC and our plant started work on forming the pools of successors for key positions. This program is aimed at ensuring continuity of generational change, transferring and keeping the best production practices, reducing staff turnover, creating opportunities for professional the staff growth and motivation.

A successor is an employee who has the necessary personal and business competencies and potential to take a certain position in future.

Stages of Forming the Pool of Successors

The first stage of creating the pool of successors is to make up the key positions list. To put it bluntly, it is essential to identify the positions having a special impact on the company's activities.

The following step is to make up the list of successors. At this stage, candidates for key positions are to be selected. The main selection criteria are the results of the employee's performance assessment, recommendations from the manager and personnel review board, educational background, professional activities result, no disciplinary records.

Upon approval of the list of successors, it is time to make up an individual development plan. A mentor together with a successor shall draft the list of training and development activities aimed at improving the effectiveness of the successor by developing his professional skills and competencies in accordance with the key position profile.

A mentor is an employee who holds the position for which a successor is being prepared. Mentoring is the most effective way to transfer knowledge. The mentor plays a key role in the successor's development process arrangement: encourages him and helps in making up an individual development plan, contributes to professional and personal qualities formation, provides expertise on the performance of official duties, transfers the experience, helps to achieve the goals, constantly provides feedback on the implementation of activities included in the individual development plan.

The main stage of forming the pool is the implementation of the individual development plan. It should not exceed two years. While implementing the plan, the successor improves his/her skills through achieving the target goals. At this stage, the successor has to be actively involved in acquiring new knowledge and skills.

The next stage of working with the pool is assessment of talents. At the end of the individual development plan implementation period, the mentor organizes a meeting with the successor and makes an assessment of his/her work. The decision on who shall finally be included in the list of successors is made based on the assessment results.

Thus, employees who are in the pool of successors are trained to perform functions within the key position, and significantly increase their professional and personal potential. The successor, provided that he/she meets the qualification requirements for the key position, has priority over other candidates in case of a vacancy for this position.

The pool of successors of UMP JSC is a gold reserve that requires constant attention and replenishment. Successful implementation of the pool of successors program allows the company to create a loyal team and qualify the candidates for key positions in future. All this ensures the stability, reliability and competitiveness of the company.

The program for the creation of the pool of successors is large-scale and is aimed at identifying and developing promising employees in UMP JSC and NAC Kazatomprom JSC. Thus, employees included in the pool of successors of UMP JSC be considered for vacant positions in the corresponding areas at NAC Kazatomprom JSC as a whole.

Alexey Proskuryakov