Creators of the Nuclear Age

The ceremony of awarding the title «Laureate of the Vladimir Petrovich Potanin Prize» took place on January 12. This event marks the beginning of the anniversary year

This title is one of the highest plant awards and is conferred once in three years on the eve or on the birthday of the legendary Director. On January 13, Vladimir Petrovich would have turned 98 years old.

For the work «Development of Technology and Creation of Remelting Area for Furnace and Ladle Residues of the Whiting Furnace» in the nomination «New Equipment and Technology» the title «Laureate of V.P. Potanin Award» was awarded to him. The title «Winner of the V.P. Potanin Award» was awarded to BO specialists Dmitry Andreev, Alexander Egel, Igor Leonchik and Maxim Kolmakov.

In the nomination «Economics, labor organization and Operations management» for the work «Establishment and industrial operation of fuel assemblies Operations within the framework of the investment project »Ulba-FA LLP. Operations of fuel assemblies with capacity of 200 tons per year title «Laureate of the Prize named after V.P. Potanin». V.P. Potanin» title was awarded to: Arman Suleimenov, Jun Wang, Elena Klimova, Stanislav Matveev, Vladimir Vakhnenko and Igor Korobeinikov.

According to Vladimir Vakhnenko, Chairman of the Expert Committee, Senior Deputy Executive Board Chairman– Chief Operating Officer, the decision to award the prize was quite easy to make, as really worthy works were submitted to the contest. Mr. Alexander Borsuk, Deputy Chairman of the Expert Committee, noted in his speech that together with today’s participants there are 84 prize winners.