Fuel Pellets for Nuclear Power Plants

Ulba Metallurgical Plant is capable to produce ceramic nuclear fuel pellets for power reactors of various types and provide services of processing a wide range of Uranium materials.
Great attention is paid to the quality of the final product – fuel pellets, because safe and reliable work of nuclear reactors depends on it. Strong scientific base, professional personnel and developed modern technology help Uranium division to develop the quality of the manufactured pellets constantly.
Today Uranium division is a qualified producer of fuel pellets of the following type:

During 30 years, Uranium division of UMP JSC was one of the main Suppliers of fuel pellets for VVER and RBMK reactors of Russia. The Plant is acknowledged to be a Supplier of high-quality product. In 2010 Uranium division started to produce a new type of fuel pellets for AFA 3G fuel for French-designed reactors. The production of these pellets is qualified by AREVA (France) and CJNF (China). Today Ulba Metallurgical Plant is one of the main Suppliers of fuel pellets for NPPs of China.

Fuel Pellets for Nuclear Power Plants

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