Sole Shareholder of UMP JSC

Sole Shareholder is the Superior body of the Company

Considering the fact that all Company’s simple voting shares belong to NAC Kazatomprom JSC as the Sole Shareholder, Shareholder General Meetings are not conducted, except for the case as stipulated in Article 49 of the Company’s Statute. Decisions with regards to issues as referred by the Republic of Kazakhstan law on Joint-Stock Companies, Company’s Corporate Management Code and  Statute to the competency of the Shareholder General Meeting shall be made by the Company’s Sole Shareholder singly and subject to be issued in writing provided that these decisions do not derogate and restrict rights approved by preferential shares.
Corporate management provides the Sole Shareholder with a real opportunity to exercise its rights associated with taking part in the Company management. 
Procedure for information exchange between the Company and the Sole Shareholder shall be regulated by the Law, Statute and internal documents of the Company.