Life Through the Lens

“Photography is my life, everything is photography for me,” – Vera Pyatyshina, a translator in the Export Contract Department, opened her personal photo exhibition hosted by UMP Exhibition and Information Center.

Our heroine has been working at the plant for almost 30 years. And although a lot of time has to be devoted to translating documentation, more than anything else Vera loves people and live communication. Her photo exhibition is dedicated to people. She constantly studies, goes to master classes, works in tandem with professionals, looks at photos on social networks – she trains her observation skills, as they say.

She doesn’t consider herself a professional photographer, but for the sake of a good shot she is capable of a lot: when filming with children, she can laugh uncontrollably, lie around, roll on the grass, so that the children accept her as a kid and do not hesitate to express their emotions... Vera is fond of natural photography: for her, the main thing is to catch a person’s mood in the moment and do a minimum of processing. Almost all photographs were taken outdoors, in natural light.

The photo exhibition also includes portraits of Ulba employees and their families, children and grandchildren. Over many years of work, Vera has developed friendly relations with her colleagues, and she happily gives them photos as souvenirs. The author also invites you to see her work on Instagram: Verapyatyshina72.